MSD4E Global Community of Practice

The MSD4E global Community of Practice is for those who are actively engaged in trying to apply MSD principles to employment - whether to achieve more work, better work, or better access to work for certain groups. We are made up of implementors, donors and consultants in the field who are committed to sharing openly in order to learn, collaborate, and build the field together. You can read more about the COP here
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This form enables you to sign up to become a member of the MSD4E community of practice (COP). By doing so, you are also signing up to receive information from the COP including any newsletters and invitations to future events and meetings. It also collects information that enables us to monitor the diversity of the membership along specific characteristics. We will use the data you provide below in three ways: (1) To email you with information and invitations that relate to the COP and/or to the field of MSD4E. (2) To monitor - and potentially to share anonymised summary reports on - the diversity of the COP’s membership. (3) If you consent, to share your email address with other members of the COP to facilitate informal networking (for example if someone in the COP asks to be connected with a colleague working on similar projects to themselves). The information you provide will be stored within Mailchimp. You can read their privacy policy on their website. At any given time two members of the steering committee will have access to the information within Mailchimp. Currently Rachel Shah and Mike Klassen have access, and you can email them with any questions. If at any time you would like to UNSUBSCRIBE from this list or to to UPDATE your information or preferences, you can do so through the link at the bottom of every email we send you. If you would like us to DELETE all the information we have held on you within this database, or if you have any COMPLAINTS, including about how your data is managed, you can email Rachel Shah or Mike Klassen If an email bounces, we will automatically unsubscribe that member. We will assume that if you do not unsubscribe or request deletion, you are still interested in being a member of the COP and so we will retain your information.

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